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The Student-Athlete & College Recruiting

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Recruiting Seminar Recruiting Seminar | Table of Contents
Recruiting Seminar Recruiting Seminar | Table of Contents
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The Student-Athlete & College Recruiting

The Coaches' Circle

NCAA Eligibility Calculator

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Mission Statement:

     The mission of Dynamite Sports is to provide educational programs to high school student-athletes & parents, and staff development training and resources to high school coaches and counselors, so everyone involved can make knowledgeable choices & decisions regarding college athletics & the recruiting process.


     When Coy Wire was 8 years old, all he talked about was someday playing college football on an athletic scholarship.  His dad, Rick, had not gone to college himself so he knew there was a lot he needed to learn if he was ever going to help his son. As Coy grew up and became more athletic, Rick talked to parents of other athletes who went on to receive an athletic scholarship to see what they did to help their children prepare for college athletics and the recruiting process. He asked what they liked and disliked about the process, and what they would do differently if they could do it all over again. After gathering all the information he could, Rick put together his own plan to encompass ACADEMIC preparation, ATHLETIC preparation, effective MARKETING and a RECRUITING strategy to help Coy achieve his goal of playing sports in college. Little did he know, all the effort and planning he did for his son, would someday become the most incredible and comprehensive program of its kind to help student-athletes of ALL sports achieve their ACADEMIC & ATHLETIC goals to play sports in college on an athletic scholarship! And yes, Coy did eventually achieve his goal by receiving a scholarship to play football at Stanford University. His ultimate goal was then reached when he was drafted in the 3rd round of the NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills in 2002. Since the beginning of Dynamite Sports in 1995, Rick has since become a Nationally-known speaker and an expert in the field of college athletics and recruiting process. The Dynamite Sports Educational Recruiting System has now become an invaluable tool in thousands of school districts around the country.

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